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Legal services in Poland

Legal services in Poland

Legal services for companies in Poland is a comprehensive service that provides professional support of specialists in various fields of law. Our recipients are usually small and medium-sized enterprises, although the largest entities also reach for our advice.

All companies can benefit from professional legal services in Poland, regardless of the industry or the scale of their business. We always adjust the scope of legal services at our headquarters in Poland to individual needs, and the knowledge of regulations, many years of experience and the ability to accurately analyze the case law in terms of creating an optimal strategy for the client help us provide services at the highest level.

What does our offer include? The legal services we have provided for years in Poland include company law, civil law, family law, economic law, labor law, compensation law, criminal law and many others. Legal counseling is a service used by a growing number of entrepreneurs and private persons. Legal services for companies operating in Poland also include services such as preparation of documents and contracts, participation in negotiations and representation.

Regardless of the scope of legal services, we offer comprehensive and transparent support. In Poland, it is difficult to find more committed, dedicated and discreet experts. We have been operating on the Polish market for many years, and the growing group of customers is the best proof of our above-average professionalism and first-class service.

Legal services for companies offered by Consul Sławomir Ligęcki ensures the safety of doing business in Poland and on the international market. The support of an attorney or legal advisor is crucial in a dynamic environment for the effective operation of companies and the functioning of individuals. Permanent legal service of experts is the most effective method of securing your own interests and protecting your rights in Poland.

Cooperation with the lawyers of our law firm guarantees operation in full compliance with applicable law. In our work, we focus primarily on the maximum protection of the interests of our clients. When you decide to provide legal services, you will receive safe and satisfactory solutions, even in the most difficult situations in Poland and abroad.