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Polish attorney

Polish attorney

Polish attorney who create the law office Consul Slawoimr Ligecki provide legal services for various types of entrepreneurs, natural persons and business entities. Regardless of whether your company has been on the market for many years or is just developing, we will provide it with comprehensive legal support from Polish lawyers.

The professional work of our experts focuses on consulting in the field of commercial law, investments, cooperation with contractors, in the recovery of receivables, negotiations and representation in court proceedings. We invite everyone to cooperate with Polish attorneys in all legal matters, regardless of the industry, scale and size of capital. We support and advise on all formalities related to setting up a business, establishing a company or effective liquidation.

There will be law and order with Polish lawyers from our law firm in your court cases, receivables and liabilities, documentation, business contracts and employee matters. We help on a one-off basis or cooperate on a permanent basis as part of comprehensive legal services provided by Polish attorneys.

With us, you can implement your own projects, develop your company and invest with a sense of security and a stable legal basis. Are you not sure that each contract is correct and protects the company's interests and does not infringe the rights of others? You can trust our Polish attorneys, their experience, thorough knowledge, courage and meticulousness.

We advise taking into account the current legal status, the specificity of the company, the industry and the individual goal of each entrepreneur. We offer transparent rules of cooperation based on the needs and possibilities of the client. Each Polish attorney has his passion and specialization in which he is reliable. We have been operating on the legal services market for many years. Our Polish attorney are constantly expanding their knowledge, acquiring new competences to meet the needs of recipients even more fully.

The Polish attorney from the law firm Consul Sławoimi Ligęcki is a guarantee of a solid work and exemplary order on the legal and tax grounds.